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How to become a masterful presenter with Nick Morgan, author of Trust Me I spent many years speaking to groups across the country, and even teaching presentation skills to hundreds of salespeople and engineers.

It was always fascinating to me since it combined so many favorite subjects:  motivation, communication, fear, physical movement, design and creativity.

In today's conversation with Nick Morgan, I took my learning to a whole new level.  His new book, Trust Me:  Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma integrates a lot of new research about the brain to help speakers become truly masterful.  We talk about:
  1. Why you do need to practice to appear spontaneous
  2. How your brain drives your body language which can make you lose credibility (or gain it) before you even open your mouth
  3. The specific steps to build great trust and credibility with your audience
  4. Why the "Tell em what you are going to tell em, tell em, tell em what you told em" presentation structure that has been the standard for years is totally wrong.  (I gulped a bit on that one, since I used to teach this)
  5. How to structure the content of your presentation for maximum impact
  6. Where to start if you are considering professional speaking as part of your business model or marketing strategy
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