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Striking a balance between being rich and being famous People are drawn to entrepreneurship for a variety of reasons including work/life flexibility, the opportunity to contribute something meaningful to the world, the chance to make a lot of money or the platform to get known as an expert in your field.

Regardless of your intentions, chances are you want to make money at what you do, and use the benefits of press and publicity to market your efforts.  In my shorthand, I call this getting rich and famous, even if in your humble definition this means being able to pay your light bill on time and getting a one-line mention in your local paper.

Many first-time entrepreneurs struggle to balance the effort it takes to get rich with the effort it takes to get famous.  So in this podcast, I share 5 tips including:
  1. Spend time defining your niche
    So that you know exactly who you are trying to target, and which problems they have.
  2. Create a product road map
    So that you define what you are going to develop in what order and focus your efforts.
  3. Create the infrastructure to support your product from first contact to product delivery and follow up
    So you don't alienate your hard-won customers with crappy service.
  4. Tie your fame-garnering efforts to your niche
    So that you don't become known as the boring, generic person who knows a little about a lot of stuff.
  5. Always direct people to your product page
    So that you leverage media exposure to make sales AND get famous.
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