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Advice, support and encouragement to stop being a corporate prisoner and start your own business
Take the brute force out of your fears by dissecting them All aspiring entrepreneurs have fears about starting a business.  Such as:
  1. No one will ever buy my product or service
  2. I do not have enough experience to start a business
  3. All my competitors have superior products (besides which, they are smarter and/or better looking)
Some people stay paralyzed and never move forward, while others find ways to overcome their fears and experience success.

In this episode, I walk you through a specific exercise that you can use to diagnose and alleviate your fears. 

You may want to listen to it when you are sitting at a desk where you can scribble notes, or in front of your computer where you can create a simple table.

Enjoy and let me know your own results by dropping me a line at or leaving a comment on the blog at
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