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What to do when you hit the "starting a business is too hard" wall Even the most optimistic and motivated aspiring entrepreneur will reach a point where frustration or anxiety grinds progress to a halt.  This is otherwise known as "hitting the wall."

It can happen when doing things you hate such as:
  1. Making sales and marketing calls
  2. Trying to crank out a first draft of a book or product
  3. Filling out government or legal forms
  4. Creating a business plan
What can you do to not let frustration derail your dreams?  My five recommendations include:
  1. Scream, whine, wail, swear and complain
  2. Step away
  3. Find a source of immediate beauty or calm
  4. Reconnect with the reason behind your entrepreneurial endeavor
  5. Make a very clear and specific goal to complete one task
Let me know your ways of dealing with "The Wall" at

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