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Beat negative self-talk when starting a business

Two of the most critical elements of becoming a successful entrepreneur are developing a positive mental attitude and defeating negative self-talk.  This is important to not only produce great business results, but also to enjoy the day-to-day process of building your business.

In this episode, I discuss two elements of a postive mental attitude:

  1. Distinguishing between your "essential" self and your "social" self to ensure you are doing work you are meant to do
  2. Using a simple 4-question process called "The Work" to overcome negative self-talk

Sources I refer to are Martha Beck's book Finding Your Own North Star:  claiming the life you were meant to live and Byron Katie's Loving What Is:  Four questions that can change your life 

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Reduce your marketing dread

In this episode, I cover three things that help new entrepreneurs overcome their dread of all things marketing:

  1. Readjusting your marketing mindset
  2. Clearly defining a niche
  3. Selecting and creating a marketing plan

I reference two helpful marketing experts:

Robert Middleton from and

John Jansch from

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