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Advice, support and encouragement to stop being a corporate prisoner and start your own business
Take the brute force out of your fears by dissecting them All aspiring entrepreneurs have fears about starting a business.  Such as:
  1. No one will ever buy my product or service
  2. I do not have enough experience to start a business
  3. All my competitors have superior products (besides which, they are smarter and/or better looking)
Some people stay paralyzed and never move forward, while others find ways to overcome their fears and experience success.

In this episode, I walk you through a specific exercise that you can use to diagnose and alleviate your fears. 

You may want to listen to it when you are sitting at a desk where you can scribble notes, or in front of your computer where you can create a simple table.

Enjoy and let me know your own results by dropping me a line at or leaving a comment on the blog at
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Interview with Martha Beck:  Your left toe holds the clue to your right life

Departing from the regular, brief bursts of information in this podcast, this interview is a 40 minute conversation with Martha Beck, author of the New York Times bestselling book Finding Your Own North Star:  Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live and monthly columnist for Oprah's O Magazine.

Martha provides lively and insighful information about how to figure out the work you are meant to do, a critical step in deciding which business to start as a new entrepreneur.  Her approach may surprise you, and I guarantee it will make you think.

If you have comments or observations about this podcast, please leave them at the blog,  Or send me an email at

You can find Martha at

From this point forward, I will be publishing longer interviews like this one once a month.  I welcome your feedback about this format change.

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Stop playing small It is easy to get in the habit of being the "person behind the curtain," creating fame and glory for charismatic clients, executives and spouses.  But when we choose to play small, we limit our lives to "next best" and miss the opportunity for great contribution to the world and personal joy and satisfaction.

In this episode, I share some of my own experiences with playing small and the tremendous surge of energy and abundance I experienced when I decided to play bigger.

Why not decide to play big this year?
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