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How to start a business without destroying your relationship

One of the unspoken stressors for new entrepreneurs is convincing a partner or spouse that starting a business is a smart idea.

The rigors of start-up life require a whole new set of communication skills to ensure that you keep your relationship strong while you build your business.

In this 30 minute interview, relationship expert and coach Lisa Merlo-Booth gives very specific suggestions for:

  • Breaking the news to your spouse that you want to start a business
  • Talking about money and cash flow so financial concerns don't stress your relationship
  • Creating "what if" contracts with each other to prevent stressful conversations
  • How to talk to a spouse who is unsupportive of your business idea
  • How men and women can break unhelpful gender-based patterns of communication
  • How to set firm boundaries around work hours so you are present for your family

You can find Lisa at

The blog post I referenced in the conversation is Is Your Time on the Computer Impacting Your Children? Powerful Ways to Find Out and What To Do

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