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What to do when you hit the "starting a business is too hard" wall Even the most optimistic and motivated aspiring entrepreneur will reach a point where frustration or anxiety grinds progress to a halt.  This is otherwise known as "hitting the wall."

It can happen when doing things you hate such as:
  1. Making sales and marketing calls
  2. Trying to crank out a first draft of a book or product
  3. Filling out government or legal forms
  4. Creating a business plan
What can you do to not let frustration derail your dreams?  My five recommendations include:
  1. Scream, whine, wail, swear and complain
  2. Step away
  3. Find a source of immediate beauty or calm
  4. Reconnect with the reason behind your entrepreneurial endeavor
  5. Make a very clear and specific goal to complete one task
Let me know your ways of dealing with "The Wall" at

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How do you know when it is safe to call yourself an expert? It is often tricky to know when it is safe to call yourself an expert in your field.  If you have done any research in marketing and PR, you know the benefits of an "expert" designation:  free press and the trust and credibility of potential customers, leading to more sales.

But it can feel a bit presumptuous to call yourself an expert, right?

This episode provides questions you can ask yourself to test your expertise, which go beyond the traditional formula of years of experience + number of academic degrees + number of books written = level of expertise.

Please share your thoughts about when it is safe to call yourself an expert on the blog at
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