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Cut through work paralysis by replacing "perfect" with "good enough" If you are anything like me, you sweat the details of your business, wanting to make sure that everything is flawless and of the highest standards.  The problem is, in a rapidly moving world and life, it is impossible to be perfect at everything you do.  In fact, you will most likely stress yourself out and get little done if your standards are so high that you get paralyzed.

In this episode, I invite you to redefine your relationship with perfectionism and invite "good enough" as a new standard for releasing work and getting things done.  In order to do this, you will have to:

  1. Define different standards for your work
  2. Prioritize your tasks
  3. Make tough choices
By doing so, you will not only get more done, you will have more fun doing it.  And learn more!

If you have struggled with perfectionism and have some insights, please share them at the blog at

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Small business marketing advice from expert John Jantsch Intrigued by questions from many of my blog readers about small business marketing, I thought I would get answers from John Jantsch, one of the most well-respected small business marketing experts in the world.

Do any of these questions ring true for you?
  1. If I have never marketed myself before, where do I begin?
  2. What are the pieces of a total marketing system?
  3. Why is it so important to define a specific target audience or niche for my services?  Won't this narrow my opportunities?
  4. What if I loathe marketing?
  5. Should I launch my brand name if I am not 100% sure I love it?
  6. Should I start a blog or podcast to market my new business?
John answers these questions and more, as well as some more specific ones like ideas for independent software developers who want to market their products, or how to promote a book.

Please share your thoughts on your interview here or at the blog!

John's website:
John's blog:

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